Now, let's explore!



I. Be open minded 

Negative stereotypes are still stopping people from hopping on the plane. Traveling means creating your own experience, and you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear. Stereotypes are bad for the culture. Paint your own picture and forget about previous thoughts as soon as you land.



II. Show respect

As a true traveler, you should aways identify each country as someone’s home. When you enter a friend's house, you may be required you to take your shoes off, for example. Some countries you will be visiting may have dress codes the locals will require you to follow out of respect for their culture. Be mindful and considerate, it is not your territory, therefore you should obey the social rules.



III. Be patient

Getting lost and not understanding what’s going on while abroad can be very frustrating. But I promise, if you work with the locals, they’ll work with you. Learn a few words in their language, and when they see you’re trying your best to assimilate, they will go above and beyond to help you. Do not expect everyone to speak English! Once again, you’re not in your country, so you have to make efforts and meet the locals in the middle.



IV. Watch your content

Do not take and/or post degrading photographs of locals. There are many other ways to tell a story and raise awareness than to exploit public sympathy. Also, don't post false information on IG or Tik Tok for clickbait. It can prevent people from going and even reinforce misconceptions about certain cultures. Be mindful and respectful.



V. Don’t be scared

Just like you cannot dislike something you’ve never tried, you cannot be afraid to explore a place you’ve never seen. Don't be scared, but always be careful.